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From: hplabs!rutgers!!inc (Gary Benson)
Subject: Finnish Non-Alcohol Brew
Date: 1989-08-09 20:29:57 GMT

Hello... I want to duplicate a drink I learned to enjoy in Finland. It is
called "koikalja" (home beer), a non- (or anyway low-)alcohol beer. (Beer
with alcohol is called "olut" in Finnish, and comes in 4 strengths: I, II,
III, and IV. For all practical purposes, you never see the "I" kind...but
I'm straying from my topic; all that's another story.

Kotikalja, pronounced KO-tea-KAHL-yah, is sold in little kits, 3 kits per
box for about 2 dollars. The kit contains about 1/4 cup of unhopped dark
extract, and a little pack of dry yeast. Each kit makes 3 liters, and the
process is as follows:

Boil water, add extract, stir.
Allow to cool to room temperature.
Sprinkle yeast on top, stir in.
Cover, leave at room temperature for 1 to 2 days, stirring occasionally.
Bottle, age for 2 weeks or longer.

The result is well-carbonated, fresh tasting and very thirst-quenching, but
rather dry with no aftertaste. I'd like to make it here in the U.S. ,
without needing to import the kits. (Postage costs as much as the kits!)

I'm pretty sure about the unhopped extract, but can anyone tell me what kind
of yeast will duplicate the action of this one? Is the fact that it creates
carbonation but no alcohol just an effect of the process or is it a
particular kind of yeast? When it's working, there is something of a bread
smell, so I wonder if it is bread yeast? Although at times, my ale has
smelled like bread, too, using ale yeast. Any thoughts?


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