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From: (Jay Hersh)
Subject: digest
Date: 1988-11-01 15:40:38 GMT

To Nancy Lawler:
There is a mail order homebrew supply shop right here in Troy, N.Y. that
has Edme, Red Star, Leigh & Williams, Munton & Fison (Levuere), Doric,
Wyeast Liquid Ale and I think at least one or two other top fermenters
as well as 4 types of bottom fermenters. It is called
Hennessey Homebrew
431 Troy Rd.
Rensselaer, N.Y. 12144
They take credit cards for phone orders over $25 or you can call and
ask for a catalog to mail order.

In response to Mr. J Norowolski, if you've been reading this for a
while you'd have seen my posting a few weeks ago re: hard cider in
which i use the same simple technique. I am with you in crediting
the preservative sodium benzoate as being the main nasty in trashing
yeast. A few weeks ago someone had a question about a cider/honey/raisin
mixture which got stuck and couldn't be restarted. Someone else replied
something about the honey doing it. I have never! had problems fermenting
honey. It is quite common (as opposed to said persons previous assertion)
for apple ciders to be preserved, especially with sodium benzoate.
Cider is simple to make but as you say one must be careful to get

In answer to your question of how to make sweet cider. We tried the obvious
let it ferment out then sweeten it to taste with table or corn sugar. I
would also think that chilling it to knock out the yeast at the desired
gravity and then racking off the sedimented yeast would have a similar
effect. I believe champagne yeast is fairly temperature sensitive so
I think this should work. Good Luck!

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