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Subject: Brew Book List / comment on Glyserine / Yeast Query
Date: 1989-08-10 16:38:00 GMT

I just installed the summer edition of "Books In Print" which is
a CD-ROM product, naturally I tested it with a search on brewing...
here is the result.

(I did ask, the copyright person here said I could post this to the
network if I included the following)

Copyright (c) 1987,1988 R. R. BOWKER, All rights reserved.

Love, Ed & Powell, J. Peterson. Brewery & Beer Trademarks.
Official U. S. Government Records Staff, illustrator.
(Illus.). 92p. 03/1989. $9.95 GBC bound. (ISBN
0-945821-09-3). Villa Publishing Syndicate.

La Hausse, Paul. Brewers, Beerhalls, & Boycotts: A History of
Liquor in South Africa. (History Workshop Topic Ser.: No. 2).
(Illus.). 67p. 12/1988. Paperback text edition. $9.95x. (ISBN
0-86975-332-0, Ravan Pr). Ohio University Press.

Miller, David G. The Complete Handbook of Home Brewing. Clarkson,
Sarah M., editor. LC 87-46447. 256p. 09/1988. $19.95. (ISBN
0-88266-522-7, Garden Way Pub); Paper. $9.95. (ISBN
0-88266-517-0, Garden Way Pub). Storey Communications,

Haiber, William. The Great Beer Safari. Haiber, Mona W.,
illustrator. (Illus.). 100p. (Orig.). 09/1988. Paperback text
edition. $9.95. (ISBN 0-944089-01-1). Info Devels,

Shanken, Marvin R. The Impact American Beer Market Review &
Forecast, 1988 Ed. (Illus.). 80p. 10/1988. Paper. $395.00.
(ISBN 0-918076-61-7). Shanken, M., Communications,

Priest, F. G. & Campbell, I., editors. Brewing Microbiology. 278p.
08/1987. $77.50. (ISBN 1-85166-062-3, Elsevier Applied Sci
England). Elsevier Science Publishing Company, Incorporated.

Pollock, J. R., editor. Brewing Science, Vol. 3. (Food Science &
Technology Ser.). 611p. 06/1987. $161.00. (ISBN
0-12-561003-3). Academic Press, Incorporated.

Erickson, Jack. Star Spangled Beer: A Guide to America's New
Microbreweries & Brewpubs. (Illus.). 156p. (Orig.). 09/1987.
Paper. $13.95. (ISBN 0-941397-00-9). Redbrick Press.

The American Beer Market: Past Performance, Current Trends &
Strategies for the Future. 265p. 07/1986. $750.00. (ISBN
0-317-55182-5). Business Trend Analysts.

Burch, Byron. Brewing Quality Beers: The Home Brewer's Essential
Guidebook. (Orig.). 07/1986. Paper. $3.95. (ISBN
0-9604284-1-0). Joby Books.

Ghobadian, A. The Effects of New Technological Change on Shift
Work in the Brewing Industry. 190p. 01/1986. Hardcover text
edition. $42.50. (ISBN 0-566-05132-X, Gower England). Gower
Publishing Company a.

Hough, James S. Biotechnology of Malting & Brewing. LC 84-14313.
(Cambridge Studies in Biotechnology 1). (Illus.). 168p.
09/1985. $42.50. (ISBN 0-521-25672-0). Cambridge University

Peaty, Ian P. Brewery Railways: An Historical Survey. (Illus.).
96p. 07/1985. $24.95. (ISBN 0-7153-8605-0). David & Charles,

Papazian, Charlie. The Complete Joy of Home Brewing. (Illus.).
352p. (Orig.). 09/1984. Paper. $8.95. (ISBN 0-380-88369-4).
Avon Books.

Mares, William. Making Beer. Danziger, Jeff, illustrator. LC
83-48868. (Illus.). 04/1984. Paper. $9.95. (ISBN
0-394-72328-7). Knopf, Alfred A., Incorporated.

European Brewery Convention Staff. Elsevier's Dictionary of
Brewing. 264p. 03/1983. $113.25. (ISBN 0-444-42131-9).
Elsevier Science Publishing Company, Incorporated.

Hunter, Beatrice T. Brewer's Yeast, Wheat Germ, Lecithin & Other
High Power Foods. (Good Health Guide Ser.). 07/1982. Paper.
$1.95. (ISBN 0-87983-278-9). Keats Publishing, Incorporated.

Hough, J. S. Malting & Brewing Science, Vol. 1. 2nd ed. 300p.
08/1982. $47.00x. (ISBN 0-412-16580-5, NO. 6550, Chapman &
Hall). Vol. 2, 1983; $65.00x. (ISBN 0-412-16590-2, NO. 6511).
Set; $95.00x. (NO. 6877). Routledge, Chapman & Hall,

Reese, M. R. Better Beer & How to Brew It. LC 81-7003. (Illus.).
128p. 11/1981. Paper. $7.95. (ISBN 0-88266-257-0, Garden Way
Pub). Storey Communications, Incorporated.

Beadle, Leigh P. The You Brew It Yourself: The Complete Guide to
Home Brewing. 99p. 1981. $5.95. Farrar, Straus & Giroux,

Keddie, James & Cleghorn, William. Brewing in Developing
Countries. 200p. 09/1980. Paper. $11.50x. (ISBN
0-7073-0250-1, Scot Acad Pr). Longwood Publishing Group,

Downard, William L. Dictionary of the History of the American
Brewing & Distilling Industries. LC 79-6826. (Illus.). xxv,
268p. 11/1980. Library binding - adult. $55.00. (ISBN
0-313-21330-5, DOD/). Greenwood Press, Incorporated.

Hawkins, K. H. & Pass, C. L. The Brewing Industry. 1979. Hardcover
text edition. $37.00x o.p. (ISBN 0-435-84399-0); Paperback
text edition. $11.95x. (ISBN 0-435-84400-8). Gower Publishing
Company a.

Pollock, J. R., editor. Brewing Science, Vol. 1. (Food Science &
Technology Ser.). 12/1979. $137.00. (ISBN 0-12-561001-7).
Academic Press, Incorporated.

Orton, Vrest. The Homemade Beer Book. LC 72-89742. (Illus.).
02/01/1973. Paper. $4.95. (ISBN 0-8048-1086-9). Tuttle,
Charles E., Company, Incorporated.

Salem, Frederick W. Beer, Its History & Its Economic Value As a
National Beverage. LC 72-5072. (Technology & Society Ser.).
(Illus.). 292p. 12/29/1972. Repr. of 1880 ed. $19.00. (ISBN
0-405-04722-3). Ayer Company Publishers, Incorporated.

Baron, Stanley W. Brewed in America: A History of Beer & Ale in
the United States. LC 72-5030. (Technology & Society Ser.).
(Illus.). 424p. 12/29/1972. Repr. of 1962 ed. $33.00. (ISBN
0-405-04683-9). Ayer Company Publishers, Incorporated.

Anderson, Stanley F. & Hull, Raymond. Art of Making Beer. rev. ed.
10/13/1971. Paper. $5.95. (ISBN 0-8015-0380-9, Hawthorn).
Dutton, E. P.

Schluter, Hermann. The Brewing Industry & the Brewery Workers'
Movement in America. LC 70-143653. (Research & Source Works
Ser.: No. 611). 03/1971. Repr. of 1910 ed. Library binding -
adult. $20.50. (ISBN 0-685-03285-X). Franklin, Burt,

Steele, Ashbel. Chief of the Pilgrims: Or, the Life & Time of
William Brewster. facs. ed. LC 72-133535. (Select
Bibliographies Reprint Ser). (Illus.). 1857. $23.50. (ISBN
0-8369-5567-6). Ayer Company Publishers, Incorporated.

Brew Vocabulari Catala-Castella-Angles de Comerc Exterior. (Span.,
Catalan & Eng.). 43p. $12.95. (S-37580). French & European
Publications, Incorporated.

Rosenblum, Martin J., editor. Brewing: Twenty Milwaukee Poets.
Frwd. by Rosenblum, Martin J. LC 72-89435. $6.95. (ISBN
0-89018-008-3); $6.00x soft. (ISBN 0-89018-007-5). Pentagram

Modern Brewery Age Bluebook. $135.00. (ISBN 0-686-31373-9).
Business Journals.

============ END OF BOOK LIST ============

also RE: Freeze Shield

I have been purchasing USP glyserin at my local pharmacy (behind the counter)
for about $6.25 a pint (430 somthing milliters), this seems to work fine and is
less expensive than reagent grade stuff at chemical supply stores, I autoclave
the stuff in a glass bottle prior to use (15 lbs for 15 min.). If they don't
stock it (most have smaller bottles) usually a pharmacist will order it for

Question on Wyeast lab yeasts.

I had always liked the way Edme dry ale yeast worked, I started it in warm
water and added some wort to that during the boil, it smelled very nice, and I
have not had any contamination problems. Since I switched to Wyeast, I've
noticed that the package (both lager and ale) smells kinda funky when its
opened. I usually start the pack, transfer it to a yeast culture flask
(all totally sterile) and the resultant ferment still has the same smell.
I further notice the smell in the blow off gasses from the ferment, but by the
time I bottle and open to drink the stuff it has dropped off.

1. Could it be the yeast strains Wyeast is using? (or some lab process?)
2. Is this true of other brands of lab yeast?
3. Has anyone else noticed this?

I may try to do a single cell isolation of the Edme yeast and get a pure strain
of it going. Any comments?


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