From the HBD Archive
From: (Erik Asphaug)
Subject: Barley Tea Beer
Date: 1989-08-11 17:44:55 GMT

We would like to report the unexpected success of adding hot barley tea
(of the kind you buy in a Korean market) to the wort during the early
stages of cooking up an ale. Prior to bottling, the beer smelled and
tasted somewhat sweeter than would normally be desirable; the barley
tea has a rather pungent smell on its own. But the second fermentation
in the bottle changed the flavor substantially, resulting in a surpri-
singly dry and smooth product, with a slight hint of the tea flavor.

I would be very interested in hearing of other experiments in this

By the way, all you 2-liter and champagne bottle brewers who live near
Mexico: Go down for a week and drink all the Pacifico Ballenas you can,
and return with the robust, brown, cappable 1-liter "Whales" across the
border. I'm sure other beers come in this type of bottle as well, but
the Pacifico bottlers seem to make the most massive and pleasantly
curvaceous vessels for their product. I'm not sure what the limit is for
bringing full bottles into Estados Unidos, but it's probably ridiculously

By the way, what is it that makes even the lousy Mexican beers taste a
million times better when slightly warm than their American counterparts?
Ever enjoy slamming a nice tepid Pabst?

- Erik Asphaug

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