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Subject: Chicago micro's
Date: 1989-08-11 22:37:00 GMT

I thought I'd relate my latest experience with a Chicago microbrewery. My
brother works at a pub at the University of Chicago and wanted to sample a
keg of Sieben's (a Chicago microbrewery) Pilsner that they just acquired. He
told me they had to send back 2 kegs before this one which were spoiled
(sour). We bought a pitcher and only got through one glass apiece before
giving up. Not only was there a distinct flavor of lactobacillus infection
(I've had the same problem before), but the beer was completely without
character. Very little hops bitterness and no aroma. I've had their products
before at the brewery, and for the most part they've been good quality if
conservative (the exception being a nut brown ale I had over a year ago --
delicious!). I'm surprised that they let this stuff out of the brewery!
I was also told that pitchers of beer at Siebens cost more than $10 now. Oh
for the brewpubs of California (some expensive, but at least the beer's good).
My brother tells me the place is packed with people despite the prices. What's
a graduate student to do? Just relax, etc., I guess.

Have another homebrew. At least it's cheap, and you know what you're getting.

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