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From: "What do you mean, what flavor is it? It's a bloody albatross!"
Subject: Boring subject lines
Date: 1989-08-11 01:05:00 GMT

Greetings, home-brewers:

I've received one response to my query about ginger and honey in beer which
suggests, common-sensically, that ginger is more noticible in lighter malt

When substituting honey for corn sugar (Papiazan's Vagabond Gingered Ale
calls for 1 lb corn sugar and I want to substitute honey), how much should
one substitute? One for one or some other ratio?

One of his recipes calls for 4 oz of fresh spruce needles. I live in Oklahoma,
where spruce is rare, but I have this bottle of spruce extract. How much do
I put in to make the equivalent of 4 oz of spruce needles?

When using honey, what kind is best? The kind with the combs in it or the
kind that comes in a squeeze bottle? What special measures need to be taken
to strain out honey "scum"?

- Ted
Patrick T. Garvin / ptgarvin@uokmax.UUCP

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