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From: dw <Wegeng.Henr@Xerox.COM>
Subject: More about honey
Date: 1989-08-14 12:44:19 GMT

I've never tried to subsitiute honey for corn sugar when priming, but it
shouldn't be that difficult. According Miller's book, a pound of corn sugar
in a gallon of water will add 40 to the starting specific gravity, while a
pound of honey will add 35. Since both substances are almost completely
fermentable one can easily compute the approximate amount of honey to add
to replace corn sugar. Note that honey probably varies, so you may have to
experiment a bit (you could even compute your own exact figures if you

As for types of honey, I always use strained (without cob) clover honey.
For the quantities we're talking about (less than 10% of the total
fermentables in the brew) I doubt if flavors such as orange blossom,
buckwheat, etc. would be detectable. Honey that you buy in the store isn't
pasturized, so be sure to boil it (either with the wort, or in some water
if used for priming) before use.


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