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Subject: Culturing Residual Yeast
Date: 1989-08-14 15:18:09 GMT

In #226, Bob Virzi asks:

>Last weekend I tried an experiment with Sierra Nevada Ale.
>As I drank each bottle, I carefully dumped the bottom of the
>bottle sediment into a mixture of table sugar and water.
>So, did I hopelessly botch the experiment or is SN pasteurized
>after conditioning in the bottle? Is three days too short a

The small amount of yeast residue in the bottle is due to
krausening, according to SN. However, the wort used for krausening
could be alive with lager yeast, for all one knows. Perhaps the
viability of the yeast could depend on the history of the bottles
you mentioned. See Homebrew Digest #227 for a comment on the age
of bottled beer and an attempt at culturing Chimay yeast.

[Florian Bell, Boonesborough, Oregon]

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