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From: (Walt Thode)
Subject: Brewpubs
Date: 1989-08-14 15:33:00 GMT

I'm fairly new to this forum. I'm interested in as complete a list of
brewpubs (microbreweries, or whatever they call them in various parts of
the country) as I can find. It would not surprise me if such a list had
appeared here before. If so, can someone forward it to me? If not,
let's create one. I can provide the following information about San

The first brewpub in San Diego opened last spring. Its official name
is the "Old Columbia Brewery and Grill" located at Columbia and B Streets
in downtown San Diego. It has taken the path to long-term success (I
suppose) by catering to the yuppie crowd, and their market research must
have worked, because the place is always crowded. The beer isn't bad,
but it's a little lacking in character.

Another brewpub is scheduled to open here next winter. Its current
name is the Mission Brewery. The brewmaster went through a previous
incarnation in a back-alley place in Fallbrook (50 mi. north). His beer
there was better than Old Columbia's, with a better flavor and a bit more
hops bitterness. He's currently making beer to sell in 3-4 restaurants
around town. The on-site place is part of a renovation of an old (70
years ago) brewery building near Pacific Highway and Washington St. into
an office/shop complex.

We don't have any brewpubs yet that are properly funky in atmosphere.
Maybe someone will fill that void in the future.

Can anyone else provide information about brewpubs in other parts of the
country? I know there are a bunch in the SF Bay area and in the Pacific
Northwest, and I've visited a couple of them. I'd like eventually to
compile a directory that covers anyplace I might visit. I'll volunteer
to collect submissions for a summary posting if you'll send them to me.

--Walt Thode
UUCP: {everywhere_else}!ucsd!nprdc!thode

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