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From: att!iwtio!korz@hplabs.HP.COM
Subject: Seiben's
Date: 1989-08-14 21:15:08 GMT

In digest #226, there was an article about Seiben's beer. I have some
info that may explain why the beer quality at Seiben's has been
declining. Mind you, this is all second or third hand news and thus
should be not taken as law.
It all appears to have begun during the planning stages of the place:
there was NOT ENOUGH PLANNING. I understand that their finishing
tanks did not fit in the brewing area and needed to be cut in half.
Once they got started, they had some financial difficulties after the
initial novelty wore off. As of January 1st, 1989, heads rolled and
a restaurant mgmt company took over running the place. The new
management told the brewery to: 1) weaken the flavor, 2) add more
carbonation, and 3) lower the serving temperature. I tasted their
beers only after Jan 1, 1989 and I was very disappointed: no flavor,
no aroma, no bouquet, too cold, too carbonated, and no head. Yuk!
In my humble opinion, I would recommend Seiben's as a study in how
NOT to run a brewpub.
In the Chicago area, I would recommend Goose Island as a brewpub to
visit. There are two others that I have not yet visted, so I can't
recommend them.

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