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From: roberts%studguppy@LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts @ Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Subject: Stouts and Mugs
Date: 1989-08-16 04:07:18 GMT

> I have a have a question about milk/sweet stouts.
> Does anyone have a good recipe for making a sweet stout? What I'm looking
> for is a clone of a Mackeson Triple Stout for late night/after dinner sipping.
Ah! Someone else who wishes to make Mackey. It took me three tries,
but I finally got a batch that was closer to the original Mackeson
sweet stout than I could have hoped for. IT WAS WONDERFUL! Here's the

7# of Australian Light Syrup (From Great Fermentations in Seattle)
1# Chocolate, cracked
1 1/2# Black Patent, not cracked
12 oz crystal, cracked
12 oz lactose (Again, from Great Fermentations: a good supply house)
2 oz Kent Goldings whole hops
1 tsp salt
1 tsp citric acid
2 1/2 tsp nutrient (Yep, Great Fermentations)

I brought the wort to a boil (water & syrup to make about 3 gallons),
then added the crystal. I boiled for about 10 minutes, then added the
hops. Boiled for about 5 minutes, turned the heat off & added the
chocolate & black patent in a grain bag and let it steep for about 10
minutes. I then sparged the grain bag with ~2 gallons of boiling
water. Finally, I added the lactose.

The start S.G. was 1.057, which translates to a potential alcohol of
7.8 percent. The end S.G. was 1.022 prior to kegging, (I use those 5
gallon stainless steel kegs that they use to distribute coke syrup to
snack bars) six weeks after the boil. The 1.022 S.G. meant a residual
of 3.0%, for an alcohol content of 4.8% I primed with 3/4# of light
dry malt extract disolved in a couple cups of the (heated) wort. After
aging about three months, it was as wonderfully smooth, dark and sweet
as the real Mackeson.

Maybe better.

Cheers, Doug
Douglas Roberts |
Los Alamos National Laboratory |When choosing between two evils,
Box 1663, MS F-602 |I always like to try the one
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545 |I've never tried before.
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