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From: rdg
Subject: Subject Lines & extract diatribe
Date: 1988-12-28 00:52:58 GMT

A small favor...if it's not too much trouble, please edit the
"subject" line when replying to the homebrew digest, and insert a
meaningful subject instead of leaving just "Re: Homebrew Digest..."
This will make for a much more useful table of contents. Thanks!

Now for some brewing talk. What do people think of making a beer in
the style of country X, but attempting to make it more authentic
tasting by using malt extract *from* country X? For example, suppose I
want to make a pale ale. Then I would probably use a British malt
extract. But if I would like to make a Pilsner, then I might seek out
a German or Continental produced malt extract.

The question is, will I be able to tell a difference here, or am I
wasting my effort? The motivation for this is that Continental extracts
seem to be more expensive. In the case of my favorite brand,
exorbitant. (Ireks Bavarian, 3kg can is $20 an up.) I have made a
bunch of Lagers using this particular brand, and I like the final
flavor better than the Lagers I made with British and American

Now, I'm the first to admit that there are lots of variables that
might account for my preference, including plain old power of
suggestion. I'm aware that the actual malt & water contents vary quite
a bit (thus producing different starting gravites), and that some
extract actually have corn sugar added to them, but _taste_ is what
I'm after. Does anybody have any comments or observations on the

1. Does better beer result from certain extracts?
2. Are they worth the price?
3. Which exrtact has the best "price/performance" ratio?
4. Should I just relax and quit my whining?


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