From the HBD Archive
From: "Allen J. Hainer" <>
Subject: Yeast Suppliers
Date: 1989-08-17 22:25:45 GMT

I received this request from Pat Patterson and thought that maybe there
are some others on the mailing list who would be interested ... uh, well
actually, my reply kept bouncing, but who knows? ;')

>From "Pat Patterson" <>
Subject yeast
>I have no access to a supplier of liquid yeast. Who is your distributor
>and will they mail supplies?
> Thanks.

I get my yeast from Homebrewers Retail in Waterloo. I phoned them
and asked about their yeast. They told me that they got it from
MEV Research Inc. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Sorry I don't have any more information about MEV, but you could
probably phone information (we're area code 519) to get their
number or maybe even their complete address. They weren't in the
phone book, but maybe they're new.

As for mailing the yeast, that may be expensive. The yeast must be
kept cool. I'm not sure where GMU is, are there any cities with
homebrew supply shops near by? Try the yellow pages under Wine or
Wine making supplies.

If that fails, Zymerology (sp?) magazine (available at most HB supply
stores) should have advertisements for mailorder shops. If you can't
get hold of a copy of the magazine, e-mail me and next time I go
by the HB store, I'll take a look for you.

Good luck -al (

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