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From: hplabs!utah-cs!!raven!rcd (Dick Dunn)
Subject: Re: extract diatribe
Date: 1988-12-28 09:14:00 GMT

Rob asked:
> > ... What do people think of making a beer in
> > the style of country X, but attempting to make it more authentic
> > tasting by using malt extract *from* country X?
. .
> >...The question is, will I be able to tell a difference here, or am I
> > wasting my effort?...
. .
> > Now, I'm the first to admit that there are lots of variables that
> > might account for my preference, including plain old power of
> > suggestion. I'm aware that the actual malt & water contents vary quite
> > a bit (thus producing different starting gravites)...

You should consider that different extracts are made with different types
of water, and since the extract is made by just dehydrating a wort, the
minerals from the water remain in the extract. This IS going to influence
the character of your beer, and may be the reason you prefer the extract
you're using for a lager--i.e., the water it's made from may have lower
mineral content than an extract with similar malt properties but made for
an ale. There's also the matter of what sort of water you're using to
reconstitute the wort for your brewing--obviously it will add minerals of
its own.

Trouble is, I have no idea how you go about finding out the mineral
content of the water used to produce the wort. Certainly it's known to the
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