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Subject: Follow-up on pilsner
Date: 1989-08-21 19:28:06 GMT

A few weeks ago, I submitted an inquiry regarding the aging of lager
in the carboy vs. in the bottle. At the time, the brew had finished
bubbling in the carboy and had reached its terminal gravity (tg=1.009
and og=1.040). My question had been whether to leave it longer in
the carboy or to bottle it right away. I received advice from both

I left the brew in the carboy a total of three weeks after bubbling
ceased. I then bottled and began lowering the temperature from the
initial 48 degrees to 32 degrees in four stages. It has now been in
the bottle about three weeks, and is progressing nicely, with a
bodacious head like whipped egg white and superb clarity. It should
improve to its peak in about a month more. I can strongly recommend
the expense of obtaining a second refrigerator especially dedicated
to brewing lager. In the past, I brewed only ales due to my impatience.
I can now say that lager is definitely worth the wait. In addition,
I can now do both in parallel. Where does it all end? Or does it?

[Florian Bell, Boonesborough, Oregon]

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