From the HBD Archive
Subject: Chicago micro redux
Date: 1989-08-22 16:20:00 GMT

I got all of last week's HBDs last night and was glad to see others' comments
about Siebens and Chicago micros in general. I agree with all comments,
particularly Daryl's admonition not to support bad beer -- I would extend
that to drastically overpriced beer as well. I also concur that Goose Island
is the best micro I've tasted (so far) in Chicago, that is since Sieben's has
taken a dive -- they really used to make decent beer. I would NOT recommend
the Tap and Growler, however. I went there about a year and a half ago, within
many months of their opening. They had only two of five advertised beers.
As I remember they were both light, lacking in character, and way
overpriced. The attention to the decor (lots of brass fittings) didn't
extend to the beer. I hear through my brother in Chicago that the new
suburban brewer (I also forget the name) is making good beer. I have tickets
for the September 19th Cubs vs. Mets game, and hope to be celebrating a
victory afterwards at a small northside German beer hall which carries this
new brew [the benefits of day baseball include being able to go out for
dinner afterwards and still get home at reasonable hour]. I will consider it
a duty to report my findings soon afterwards.

Jackie Brown bitnet: brown@msukbs

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