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Subject: Mead
Date: 1988-12-28 14:27:09 GMT


In response to several requests, here is the recipe I use for small
mead: bubbly and not high in alcohol.

Things you need:
1 pint honey ( the more raw the better )
8 pints water ( the more pure the better )
cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves
campden tablets ( or whatever you use for sterilizing must )
champagne yeast
1 gallon bottle, fermentation lock, and cork

1) Boil honey and water for 1/2 to 1 hour, skimming the top fre-
quently, until the must has been boiled down to fit in the bottle
and there is little or nothing left to skim. Also toss in one
crushed campden tablet.

2) Just before removing the must from the stove, add spices to taste.
I prefer 2 Tblspns cinnamon, 1 Tblspn nutmeg, and 6-8 cloves.

3) Allow to cool to about 70 degrees F. (about 2-5 hours)

4) Dissolve appropriate amount of yeast for the must in 1/4 cup
warm water and add.

5) Put fermnetation lock on and let sit for 3-7 days. Don't let bottle
get cooler than about 70 degrees, or the fermentation will stop.

6) When the bubbling settles down, siphon and cork. Ready in three
weeks; turns sour after two or three months.

NOTES: You may wish to prime it with more honey. Take great care where
you put the bottles after corking - they can explode spectacularly.
I have glass embedded in the cement foundation of our house!

- Nicolette Bonhomme
Boston, Mass.

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