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From: "What do you mean, what flavor is it? It's a bloody albatross!"
Subject: Chlorine and such.
Date: 1989-08-23 00:29:00 GMT

"Allen J. Hainer" <> writes:

>Everything started out great, but after a day and a half of fermentation,
>everything stopped. ...

>My guess (although not very scientific since correlation does not necessarily
>imply causation) is that chlorine inhibits normal fermentation so that
>infections get a chance to take hold.

Let me relate a similar experience. I made my first batch of beer a couple of
months ago (a sweet stout, Cushlamachree Stout according to Papiazan), and
bottled after about ten days (we had 90+ temperatures in Norman). Since some
of the beer bottles I had gotten from the "O'Connell's Irish Pub and Grill"
had various and sundry kinds of mold growing in them, I used a rather strong
chlorine solution to rinse them and let them drip dry. The result was bottles
that were undercarbonated (I didn't mix my priming sugar uniformly, so the
bottles did not age uniformly). I tend to think that excessive chlorine tends
to inhibit yeast activity. I think Papiazan says that yeast activity changes
the PH or otherwise makes other things like mold and bacteria a bit unwelcome.
So, in the absence of a healthy yeast culture, trace contaminants could
conceivably have a free rei(g)n.

>According to previous discussions, it appears that ~1/2 tsp/5 gallons is

I'll be sure to remember that in future.

>your tap water, a very dulute chlorine bleach solution can be used instead
>for rinsing.

How "very dilute"?

>BTW, I have since discovered that Labatt's (a two minite walk from were I live)

One reason to buy Labatt's when you are out of homebrew, I suppose. 8)

"Doug Roberts" roberts%studguppy@LANL.GOV writes:

>a sample for SG. I wrote a little program for my HP-45 that takes the
>SG & temperature readings, and spits out the SG corrected for 60

What is the SG function with respect to temperature? Could divulge your

Patrick T. Garvin / ptgarvin@uokmax.UUCP

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