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From: roberts%studguppy@LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts @ Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Subject: More on specific gravity
Date: 1989-08-24 03:28:35 GMT

Someone requested that I post information on the linear relationship
between wort specific gravity & temperature, so here it is:

[T(F) X 1.449E-4 - 0.009] + S.G.(uncorrected) = S.G., corrected to 60(F)

Also, the relationship between potential alcohol content is linear
with respect to S.G.:

S.G.(corrected) X 137.363 - 137.369 = Potential Alcohol(percent)

These equations can easily be derived (as I did) by interpolating the
SG & alcohol scales found in many beer texts. I got my data out of
_Practical Beer Making_ by Jim Weathers.


Douglas Roberts
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Box 1663, MS F-602
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545

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