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From: roberts%studguppy@LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts @ Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Subject: Specific Gravity Different
Date: 1989-08-24 03:39:28 GMT

> I have a question of my own for you folks: are most of you using chlorine to
> sanitize your fermenters/carboys/bottles? I have recently had a couple of
> batches become infected, even though those same containers are actually being
> treated a lot more carefully now than they had been earlier in my brewing
> career. I use a hot water rinse, followed by a dilute bleach-in-water
> solution. I don't know what I need to correct, but brewing's too much work to
> waste a whole batch and all those hours.
I also have experienced contamination problems back when I was using
chlorox solution to sterilize my equipment. I switched to sodium
bisulfite, and haven't had a problem since. Here's what I do:

Mix 4 oz of sodium bisulfate into a non-metal quart bottle. Seal the
lid tightly and store in the refigerator. This is a concentrate. To
sterilize your beer making equipment, mix one part concentrate with
three parts water and rinse your stuff with it. It doesn't keep, so
throw the unused portion away.

I've seen recommendations to let the equipment air dry after rinsing
with the bisulfite, but I never felt comfortable knowing that a film
of yeast-killing chemical remained where it could hurt a batch.
Instead, I rinse everything (primary, secondary, siphon, etc.) with
_hot_ water just prior to using.

Works like a charm for me.


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