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From: Arun Welch <>
Subject: root beer question
Date: 1989-08-25 20:06:06 GMT

I've had varying results with root beer, all of them bad, so I can
tell you what *not* to do:
1) Don't under-sugar. I had one batch which had great form (as in
looked right, produced a good head, etc.), but I'd forgotten to add
enough sugar for both the fermentation and flavor. I ended up with
sugar-free rootbeer. It worked fine for floats, where the icecream
provides sugar, or if you're diabetic, but otherwise it's pretty rank.
IN conversation with a friend who used to make the stuff as a kid, he
said that they'd mix it up, bottle it, then put the crates under the
stairs in the basement. They'd wait until they heard a couple bottles
explode, then they knew they were ready...
2) Do get a good extract, or brew from bark yourself. I had a batch
that had everything except for the fact that the starting extract was

I've given up on rootbeer, and gone back to the malt kind.


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