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From: dredge@hitchrack.STANFORD.EDU (Michael Eldredge)
Subject: Re: supply sources (list)
Date: 1989-08-28 16:51:03 GMT

> From: kagenski@APOLLO.HP.COM (Joe Kagenski)
> Subject: supply sources
> I would be interested in getting a list of suppliers
> (catalogs) that have homebrew supplies and equipment
> that folks find of value.

I've started (just recently) a list of suppliers. Also, John
Mellby posted the addresses of several Brew related periodicals along
with his comments. I have include that list. I plan on adding
actual bibliographic information also (ie: brewing books, article
refs, etc.).

The list is in troff REFER format. The suppliers have a special
mapping of control characters given by the "brew-bib.prompt" file.
This is simply used with the 'addbib' program.

I hope this helps.

Michael Eldredge
Stanford University IC Lab
======== brew-bib.prompt =============
Company: %Q
Address: %A
City: %C
State: %I
Zip: %P
Order Phone: %N
Other Phone: %V
Keywords: %K
======== brew-bib.prompt =============

%Q Alternative Beverages
%A 114 Freeland Lane Suite 0
%C Charlotte
%P 28217
%N 800-365-BREW
%K brew supplies mailorder

%Q Andrews Homebrewing Accessories
%A 5740 Via Sotelo
%C Riverside
%P 92506
%N 714-682-7207
%K brew supplies mailorder
%X Catalog: $1.00

%Q Bacchus and Barleycorn, LTD
%A 8725Z Johnson Drive
%C Merriam
%P 66202
%N (913) 262-4243
%K brew supplies mailorder

%Q Bacchus and Barleycorn - St. Louis
%A 7314 Manchester
%C St. Louis
%P 63143
%N (314) 644-4664
%K brew supplies mailorder

%Q Beer and Wine Hobby
%A P.O. Box 3104 Greenwood
%C Wakefield
%P 01880
%N 800-523-5423
%K brew supplies mailorder

%Q Brew Co.
%A P.O. Box 1063
%C Boone
%P 28607
%N 704-963-6949
%K brew supplies mailorder
%X catalog: SASE

%Q Gathering the Hoppe
%A 36180 Kings Valley Hwy
%C Philomath
%P 97370
%N (503) 929-2736
%K brew supplies mailorder
%X Hops and Wyeast

%Q Great Fermentations
%A 87 Larkspur
%C San Rafel
%P 94901
%N 800-542-2520
%V 415-459-2520
%K brew supplies mailorder
%X ooops

%Q Great Fermentations of Santa Rosa
%A P.O. Box 428
%C Fulton
%P 95439
%N 800-544-1867
%V 707-544-2520
%K brew supplies mailorder
%X Byron Burch's store

%Q Jasper's Home Brew Supply
%A 116 Page Road
%C Litchfield
%P 03051
%N 603-881-3065
%K brew supplies mailorder

%Q The Brass Corkscrew, Inc
%A P.O. Box 30933
%C Seatle
%P 98103-0933
%N (206) 783-8971
%K brew supplies mailorder
%X each catalog is $1.00
Ask for:
- Brewing Systems Catalog
- Keggin Systems Catalog
- Supplies & Equipment Catalog

%Q The Frozen Wort
%A P.O. Box 988
%C Greenfield
%P 01302
%N (413) 773-5920
%K brew supplies mailorder

%Q The Home Brewery
%A 16490 Jurupa Ave
%C Fontana
%P 92335
%N 800-321-BREW
%V 714-822-3010
%K brew supplies mailorder

%Q Beer Makers of America
%A 1040 North 4th St.
%C San Jose
%N 800-874-8200
%K brew supplies mailorder

%A 1011 2nd Ave. S.W.
%A P.O. Box 396
%C Cedar Rapids
%P 52406
%N 800-553-7906
%K supplies mailorder keg commercial
%X Commercial kitchen supplies including kegging equipment and pots, etc.

%Q Zymurgy
%A P.O. Box 287
%C Boulder
%P 80306-0287
%K brew magazine
%O 5 times yearly $21 ($26 foreign)
%X John R. Mellby
Includes membership in the American Homebrewers Association.
Less beer news but it tend to be a little newer. Mainly oriented towards
people who brew their own beer.

%Q All About Beer
%A P.O.Box 15690
%C Santa Ana
%P 92705-0690
%K brew magazine
%O 6 times yearly, 6 issues $13, 12 issues $19.95
%X John R. Mellby
This would be my choice for the first magazine to buy. Excellent
coverage of beer news, new beers, beer reviews, pubs/bars, both
domestic and international news.

%Q American Brewer
%A Box 510
%C Hayward
%P 94541
%K brew magazine
%O quarterly $13.50/yr $24/2 years $3 for sample issue
%X John R. Mellby
This is the second year of publication. News and information about and
for Microbreweries.

%Q What's Brewing
%A Carol Couch
%A 34 Alma Road
%A St. Algans
%C Hrts AL1 3BW
%I United Kingdom
%K brew magazine
%O monthly (newspaper about 20 pages) 9 Pounds,
comes with membership in CAMRA (British Campaign for Real Ale)
%E John R. Mellby
Very detailed information about breweries and beer in the UK.

%Q World Beer Review
%A WBR Publications
%A Box 71
%C Clemson
%P 29631
%K brew magazine
%O monthly newsletter (several pages) $14.95 or write for free sample
%X John R. Mellby
Very up-to-date news, in depth beer reviews (I've only seen one issue of
this and haven't gotten around to subscribing.)

%Q Beer Marketer's Insights
%A Beer Marketer's
%A 51 Virginia Ave.
%C W. Nyack
%P 10994
%K brew magazine
%X John R. Mellby I have never seen this - any comments?

%Q Fermentation Settlement
%N (408) 973-8970
%K brew supplies
%O Hours: 1130-700 TWTh; 1130-500 FSa

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