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From: Steve Conklin <hpfcla!hplabs!amdahl!uunet!tesla!steve>
Subject: What you need for a kegging system
Date: 1989-08-28 14:40:07 GMT

I did get the request for help, but my reply must not have made it. I'll
distribute it now, since it may be of general interest.

What I will do here is go through the items that you will need to put
together a kegging system. This will only be my best guess for part numbers
from Rapids, as I bought my supplies from a homebrew supply shop. I don't
promise that the items specified are the right ones, but I think they are.
I suggest that once you get your shopping list together, you call the people
at Rapids and talk with them about it. Heck, they might even put together
a "home kegging kit".

Basically, the equipment you need is (in order of flow):

|| CO2 tank
|| CO2 regulator (get a two-guage, so you can tell when you're low on gas)

I would just order the 5 lb cylinder with the double gauge regulator on
page 16. They sell it as part of a home refrigerator keg conversion kit.
Part number (PT-47-R)

If you want a ten lb cylinder, order the cylinder on page 23 (G-100),
and either the Grundy reuglator on page 24 (2-G-371) or the Cornelius
regulator on page 25 (3-C-148).

|| one-way valve to prevent back-flow

The Grundy regulator includes a back-flow valve. The text for the Cornelius
valve doesn't mention one, and I can't find a seperate valve in the catalog.
This is important. It's a cheap item, but prevents the regulator from being
damaged by beer.

|| fitting to go to tubing

Make sure that this is provided with the regulator. If not, buy it. Item
number 105-H on page 23 is probably the right one. (hose nipple - lower
right corner).

|| gas tubing (I just use regular siphon tube, it works fine at 10-15 PSI)

This is listed on page 32, part numbers 171-X, where X is the color you want.

|| adapter to go from tubing to quick disconnect fitting (required on some QD
|| fittings)
|| quick disconnect fitting for gas inlet on tank
|| tank (the keg)
|| quick disconnect for beer outlet on tank
|| another adapter (maybe)

I'll address all of these together. On page 20, rapids sells their "bulk tank".
This is your keg. The part number is RP-714 for the 5 gal tank. You'll need
QD fittings for the gas and beer, one each ( 3-C-342 and 3-C-353 ). These
fittings aren't pictured, so I don't know if they have a threaded fitting or
a tubing barb. You will need to check that out and buy the adapters if needed.

|| beer tubing (more siphon hose)
|| valve for beer (5-R-111 on page 34)

I would just order the valve with the hose attached on page 34 (5-R-133).
If you want to put in a real tap handle, you'll have to figure out what
you need.

|| you will need four little hose clamps (the kind with the screw, called
|| aircraft clamps) to attach the hoses.

These are on page 33, part number (2380)

Now let me repeat that this is only my best guess at the what the right parts
from Rapids are, and that I have not put together a system from them. Compared
to all of the homebrew supply shops I have seen, they have by far the best
prices. I suggest that you call and discuss your plans with them, and when
you get it all figured out, post your results. You might ask them if they
would consider putting all this together in a package, because I think that
at their prices there would be a market for it. There is a photo in the
catalog of the president of the company, "proudly standing in front of his
beer can collection". Maybe you should call him up and offer to send him
a six-pack of home-brew. It also says in the catalog "we pride ourselves
on providing real service. Don't hesitate to call".

I hope this helps! Once you keg, you'll never look back. I kegged a batch
Saturday, and it took 30 minutes, including sanitizing the keg, kegging the
beer, and cleaning the carboy. I discovered that a Scotch-Brite pad is just
the item to remove dried deposits from a stainless keg.

Steve Conklin uunet!ingr!tesla!steve
Intergraph Corp. tesla!
Huntsville, AL 35807 (205) 772-4013

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