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From: pms@Sun.COM (Patrick Stirling [Sun Consulting Services Mtn View])
Subject: Books and Yeast
Date: 1989-08-29 16:04:30 GMT

I have Charlie Papazian's 'The Complete Joy of Homebrewing'. It's the
best I've seen yet. It's written in a very friendly style and explains
all I've needed to know very well. It also has many recipes. I strongly
recommend it!

On to yeasts. I've been brewing for a year or so, and I've used both Edme
and Doric yeast. I haven't done any controlled tests so I can't quantify
the difference between them, but they both worked fine for me. Both are
ale yeasts. What's 'attenuative'? Sounds like it's the speed with which
a yeast does its job and goes dormant. If so, both Edme and Doric do
their stuff in a week or so (but I always leave it for at least 2 weeks).

On another tack, what do you think of using ice to cool wort? I've tried it
a couple of times with no (apparent) ill effects. Previously I used just
cold water to make up the volume, which cooled the wort to 90-100F, and
pitched the yeast at about 85-90F. It seemed to work OK. Now I dump the
entire contents of our fridge's (automatic) ice maker's tray into the
bucket and pour on the wort - gets it to about 75F, much better! The ice
is just tap water so I don't see any problems. Using a chiller strikes
me as being just as unsanitary as ice anyway.

I'm currently brewing my first attempt at a barleywine - although it seems
to be turning out to be more af a winter warmer. 10lb syrup and 2lb grains
in 5gal got me 1.070 OG - I was expecting closer to 1.090; and after 10days
of fermenting with a wine yeast it's now at 1.030 - I was hoping for 1.020-25.
It tastes good though so I guess I shouldn't complain! As Papazian keeps
saying, "Don't worry, relax - have a homebrew!". Final question: Does anyone
have a good recipe for a Trappist Ale?


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