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From: Martin A. Lodahl <pbmoss!mal@hplabs.HP.COM>
Subject: Re: Book recommendation wanted
Date: 1989-08-29 17:04:10 GMT

In HBD #240, Bruce Buck asked:
>What is the best all-around book on homebrewing? ....
> ... what does everyone recommend?

My vote goes to "The Complete Handbook of Homebrewing", by Dave
Miller. My homebrewing library is not large, consisting of less
than a dozen volumes, and doesn't include such classics as "Malting
and Brewing Science", but it does include both of Miller's books and
Greg Noonan's classic "Brewing Lager Beer". TCHoH sees more use
than the rest of them put together. Not a week goes by without my
consulting it, and it's never failed me yet. It can be used as an
introductory text, but I think its best role is just what you intend
to use it for, Bruce.

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