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From: hpda!uunet!f131.n109.z1.FIDONET.ORG!John.DeCarlo (John DeCarlo)
Subject: Using Ice to Cool Wort
Date: 1989-08-30 16:47:48 GMT

In Issue 241, Patrick Stirling (pms@Sun.COM) writes:

> On another tack, what do you think of using ice to cool wort? I've
> tried it a couple of times with no (apparent) ill effects. Previously I > used just cold water to make up the volume, which cooled the wort to > 90-100F, and
> pitched the yeast at about 85-90F. It seemed to work OK. Now I dump the
> entire contents of our fridge's (automatic) ice maker's tray into the
> bucket and pour on the wort - gets it to about 75F, much better! The
> ice is just tap water so I don't see any problems. Using a chiller strikes
> me as being just as unsanitary as ice anyway.

This has been addressed recently, in issues 217 and 218, as well as in a recent issue (not the most recent) of ZYMURGY. The only negative comment I have heard is that a typical freezer is full of bacteria, which can infect the ice quite easily. Don't kn
ow about an automatic ice maker.

John "Anyway, I'm going to freeze some sterile water in a sterile plastic container for my next batch" DeCarlo
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