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From: "FEINSTEIN" <>
Subject: "La white scum" identified!
Date: 1989-08-31 14:53:00 GMT

Hello, all!

Well, I finally got to talk to my department's resident micro person a few
days ago, and "la white scum" is *definitely* a wild yeast introduced by the
cherries themselves. As different varieties of cherries will be availiable in
different places, it is logical that some individuals will get this effect
when using cherries in brewing, and others will not.

For those with microbiological knowledge: when I did my Gram stain on the
scum, and then looked through the microscope, I saw thingies that were Gram
positive, and thingies that were Gram negative, and they were morphologically
the same. My reaction to this was, understandably, "Uh oh!"

Well, it turns out that the active yeast stain Gram positive, and the *spores*
stain Gram negative. This is apparently typical of many yeasts. As I haven't
worked with yeasts much (apart from brewing, that is :-) ), I wasn't aware of
this phenomenon.

So, pardon me... there's this bottle of pale pink bubbly stuff waiting for

Yours in Carbonation,

Cher Feinstein
Univ. of Fla.
Gainesville, FL


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