Beer and Loafing in Las Vegas

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American Homebrewers Association
26th Annual National Homebrewers Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada
17-19 June 2004
Riviera Hotel & Casino
On the famous Las Vegas Strip

New! It's now February 2008, and this site hasn't changed in nearly three years. While the past three conferences' websites have gone down the memory hole, this one's still here. It's just moved to a different location for permanent archival. There's now some fresh content at that you might want to check out.

The 2005 conference is in Baltimore on 16-18 June. Early registration discounts are available until 13 May. The hotel hosting the conference is already booked, but the overflow hotel three blocks away was still taking reservations as of 20 March. We set a new attendance record last year here in Vegas, but who knows how long that record will stand? For more info, registration, etc., go to the 2005 conference website.

Check out the Photo Album. More pix should've been added as the conference progressed, but a dead cable modem threw that off.

The theme has been chosen for the conference and will be titled, "Beer and Loafing in Las Vegas". We are planning a great conference and have already started booking clubs, breweries, and speakers. Information will be posted on this website as it becomes available.

The commemorative mead will be a Las Vegas Desert Prickly Pear Melomel, which was made on 28 March 2003 and is coming along nicely. The commemorative brew has also been chosen and will be brewed next year. There will also be some surprises in your registration package, but we will keep it a secret until you see it.

The pre-con event will be a beer and food pairing at UNLV as the College of Hotel Administration, Food & Beverage Department, and some of the local microbreweries team up to provide a wonderful evening.

The Hospitality Suite will be open 24-7 and will be located just across the hallway from the conference and banquet rooms.

We are moving Club Night (Beers without Borders) to Friday night this year as opposed to the traditional Thursday night. This move was made because some mentioned in Chicago that Club Night is the most popular night and should get the Friday night slot. As a result, the Pro-Brewers Night will be Thursday night and the Grand Banquet will be back to the Saturday night.

We look forward to seeing you at "Beer and Loafing in Las Vegas."

SNAFU (Southern Nevada Ale Fermenters Union), Las Vegas, NV
QUAFF (Quality Ale Fermentation Fraternity), San Diego, CA
Maltose Falcons, Los Angeles, CA

Tyce Heldenbrand - Conference Chair
John Curtis - Club Night
CJ Monson - Hospitality Suite
Drew Beechum - Pro-Brewers Night
Jamil Zainasheff - 2nd Round Competition
Andy Feinstein - Pre-con event
Jim Wilson - Commemorative brews
Scott Alfter - Webmaster
Ed Pierce - Cellar Master
Chuck Mull - Graphics

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