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If you couldn't get to Las Vegas, here's what you missed! More pictures will be added as they become available. If you and your camera are witness to something interesting, funny, embarrassing, or whatever, send your JPGs to for possible inclusion.

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16 June: Getting Started

beer in the cooler registration welcome sign
This is just some of the beer received for Pro-Brewers Night and Club Night. We had to ask the Riv for more walk-in cooler space to get everything put away. Get your badge, your four commemorative brews, and other related swag here. The famous Las Vegas sign gets retooled for the convention.

16 June: Pre-Con Event

waiting IGI crowd
Waiting for the bus to arrive to head to UNLV. The Stan Fulton Building, home of the International Gaming Institute. A pretty good-sized crowd...and this was before the second busload of people.
band food SNAFU
How about some live Latin music to go with your food and drink? One of the serving lines...this one had the main-course items, including wild rice & raspberry quail with a Märzen-and-wild-mushroom sauce, Jägerschnitzel with a Märzen-and-mushroom sauce and Spätzle, and pan-seared red snapper with a sauce containing sun-dried tomatoes, butter, king crab, and Doppelbock. Chowing down at the "SNAFU table" (hey, it just worked out that way).
Harvest Moon something's afoot food fight!
Here are the rowdies from Harvest Moon. :-) They look innocent enough now, but wait until later... Something's afoot at the next table over... This was the start of what turned into a "contest" to flick dinner mints into a cup. I probably shouldn't rag on them too much about the rowdiness, given that your humble correspondent hit the target at least three times. There was a good-sized crowd gathered around at one point.

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