Charlie Papazian, president and founder of the Association of Brewers, is one of the most prominent and recognized names in the world of beer and brewing. His published commentaries provide insights into the industry, advice to homebrewers, and beer reviews for consumers. Since founding the Association in 1978, he has guided the development of its principal activities and two magazines.

Peter Zien is the owner of AleSmith Brewing Co. and is also a homebrewer of many years and a past president of QUAFF. Peter made a name for himself by being a ferocious homebrewer and entering a ton of competitions. He has led many BJCP prep classes and is the first Master-Level judge from the San Diego area. Peter is going to give an intuitive talk about cask conditioned beers along with some samples.

Rob Wallace, Ph.D., is a biology professor at Iowa State University where he teaches courses in plant biology, economic botany, evolution, and biogeography, and does DNA-based research on plant evolution and classification. He has been homebrewing for 11 years, and is in the process of writing a book called The Botany of Beer, which examines the plants and plant products that are used by the brewing industry from the botanical perspective. The book will focus on explaining the biology, domestication, and uses of the various plants that are part of the brewing process.

Ray Daniels is the Director of Craft Beer Marketing for the AOB, in which he helps promote craft beer to American consumers. Ray also serves as the Director of Publications for the AOB. If that wasn't enough, Ray completed the Siebel Institute Diploma Course in Brewing and is co-founder of the Real Ale Festival in Chicago.

Chris White, Ph.D., founded White Labs in 1995 following years of research and the development of a library of brewer's yeast strains from around the world. Chris White received an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from U.C. Davis, where his interest in brewing was inspired by Dr. Michael Lewis' Brewing and Malting Science courses. He began homebrewing and relocated to San Diego for graduate studies in Biochemistry. Chris' doctoral thesis focused on developing high cell density growth techniques for an industrial yeast strain. Because of his passion for craft brewing, Chris began to experiment, using the same high cell density growth techniques on brewers yeast. Chris developed a process to grow pitchable quantities of liquid brewers yeast. This innovation caught on quickly within the brewing community and Chris White's yeast developed a strong word-of-mouth reputation. Chris Mueller joined White Labs in 1997, and brought with him vast experience in customer service and brewery production. Now, White Labs provides high quality, concentrated, liquid brewers yeast to breweries and homebrewers worldwide.

Tom Nickel has been the brewmaster for Oggi's Brewery for the past 4 years. Tom is also the owner of the O'Briens Pub, which is the best beer bar in San Diego and arguably California as well. O'Briens boasts many of the best IPAs, mostly from California. Tom has an appreciation for Belgians as well and has a good bottle selection at O'Briens. Accordingly, Tom Nickel will speak about Mission Beers.

Vinnie Cilurzo is the brewmaster for Russian River Brewing Company. He has recently opened up his new brewery in Santa Rosa, CA after Korbel discontinued their brewery operations. Vinnie has an exceptional taste and appreciation for extremely hoppy beers and Belgian beers as well. Vinnie will intrigue us with how Double IPAs came about, followed by a radical tasting of these beers.

Geoff Larsen is the brewmaster of Alaskan Brewing Company. He has won several medals with his beers and has one of the most decorated beers recognized in his Alaskan Smoked Porter. Geoff will entertain us with a history and look at Rooted Alaskan Beers.

Michael Ferguson is the brewmaster at Barley's Brewery in Henderson, NV. Barley's makes some of the best German beers in the state, as his hefeweizen has won medals several times at the GABF.

Andrew Hale Feinstein is an associate professor at UNLV and heads up the food and beverage classes, where brewing beer and brewing science is involved. He currently teaches courses in food service purchasing, brewing science, strategic management, and distilled spirits. Andrew and Dr. Donald Bell from UNLV have a fine appreciation for Scotch whisky and will be giving us a look at how whisky was started, and the characteristics of Scotch whisky.

John Curtis (JC) is an exceptional individual who has taken on the task of increasing the level of awareness and education of beer judging. He is responsible for many new BJCP judges either taking the exam or getting them to get a higher ranking. JC is also on the committee and has taken on the extraordinary task of signing up clubs for club night.

Steve MacMillan is an award winning homebrewer from Las Vegas and has probably won more ribbons and medals than any other Las Vegan. Steve has extensive brewing experience and has been involved in helping create a new homebrew club in Las Vegas that showcases beer dinners in Monk's outfits. Steve will talk about the hows and tricks to optimize extract brews.

Rich Link was one of the pioneers in making QUAFF a successful homebrew club. Rich has been brewing homebrew longer than most people in the San Diego area. Rich has been writing the San Diego section of the Celebrator magazine for a long time. Rich has made several beer trips to Europe, especially Belgium. He will be giving us a pictorial view of the Trappist breweries, along with the history and facts of these Trappist breweries.

David Houseman and members of the BJCP Style Guide committee will present the new Style Guideline, the first major revision since 1998. Eight new styles and a number of significant changes will be included in this latest revision which will be released at the AHA's Home Brew Conference for future competitions.. The rationale behind the changes and the new styles will be discussed, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

Randy Mosher is a graphic designer, a homebrewer for over 10 years, and designs and markets recipe formulation tools for homebrewers. Randy is a board member of the Chicago Beer Society and was a big factor in the success of last year's National Homebrewers Conference in Chicago. Randy will be talking about "Radical Brewing." Be sure to pick up his new upcoming book.

Pete Devaris is one of Alaska's most awarded home brewers and has been Alaskan Home Brewer of the Year two years running. Pete teaches the yeast and Belgium beer class locally for the BJCP. As a member of the AHA Speaker's Bureau, he travels the country lecturing and brewing in an effort to revive America's oldest indigenous beer style: Spruce Tip Ales. His presentation will include the style's history, tip harvesting, brewing techniques, and a tasting.

John Palmer is the author of How To Brew and the howtobrew.com website. He has been homebrewing for over 10 years and is a Certified Beer Judge in the BJCP. A metallurgical engineer for 3M Corporation by trade, John enjoys taking the science of brewing and distilling it into practical steps and predictable results. His next book will be entitled, "How To Brew With Kits" and will focus on malt extract and extract kit brewing.

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